The world is on hold

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As he sat on the bus staring out the window, he couldn’t help but notice the quiet streets passing by. There were less people out today than yesterday, but that could just be down to the weather, he thought.

As the bus pulled up at his stop, he stood up from his seat, adjusted his mask and stepped out into the sunshine. Strolling down the street he was amazed at the calm and the quietness of it all.

His mask was itchy, but he knew he had to wear it, it was the only thing he had to help ensure he had his freedom to wander the streets,now and in the future.

Entering the corner shop he pulled out his gun, demanded the scared attendant emptied the till into his well used bag for life. once full he fired a shot into the air and ran from the store.

as he approached the bus stop he swapped his balaclava for a viral mask, placed the carrier bag into a rucksack and waited for the bus to arrive to take him home

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